Vfx & Animations

The magic within postproduction
resides in deception.

Vanishing what is there and creating what does not exist. Deceiving the eye and the mind to put on the screen all that we imagine. From invisible vfx to 3D out team can translate the magic of ideas to the mind of the audience.

Who we are

We are Intricate. A production house that is born with the commitment to be true to its values: Persistance, perseverance and control of all details relating to any production. This is what we fight for on a daily basis. Our goal: the ease of mind and comfort of all those who decide to trust us.

Some clients who trust us



Intricate Productions

Intricate Productions is a multidisciplinar production company that specializes in high quality cinematography.

C/ Papa Pius XI, 154 Baixos
(08208) Sabadell, Barcelona

(+34) 93 724 30 48